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Destin is known as one of the best fishing towns in the world. This town boats white sand beaches and plenty of attractions along with world class fishing charter boats and rentals. Destin is a prime destination for offshore fishing, especially trolling. During trolling, one or several bated lines are dropped in the water behind the boat and dragged through it as the boat moves (slowly) forward.

Trolling with a bait is one of the most effective and preferred methods of line fishing today. Trolling is primarily used to catch pelagic fish (those that live near the surface of the water) such as sailfish, tuna or sharks.




To make the most of time spent trolling, factors such as the speed of the boat, the distance of the lure from the boat and the type of bait used must be considered.

Knowledge of local species that respond to trolling and their habits is very useful. In Destin, there are a number of companies that provide fishing excursions and they will be able to determine how and where trolling should be done.

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