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Tips for a safe snorkeling; Florida beaches are well known for the ecosystem that you can find underwater, the beautiful corals and all the different species that live there. That’s why there are so many snorkeling lovers that find Florida beaches as one of the best snorkeling places.If you are thinking to come and experience this activity we have a few safety tips for you because we want this experience be the most perfectly possible.

1. Technically this is not a safe tip is more a technical tip. If you really want to experiment this activity to the full make sure to choose a good mask that fits properly to your face. There is nothing more uncomfortable that try to breathe and swim with the mask and feel that water is entering in it.

2. Please try to no feed the fish. Some people do this in order to attract fish but this could be very dangerous for the life of the reef. Also some fishes can become aggressive by this practice.


3. Not touch the Coral! First of all, Corals are a living organism really important for the ocean life and unfortunately could be damaged very easy. Second of all, touch the coral could be dangerous for you because the texture of the coral is sharp and you can cut yourself easily.4. Be aware. Maybe you can be very involved in the activity and do not pay attention to what happens around you. We don’t want you to lift your face and find a scenario where you are far away from the other people and even worse, be beaten for a boat.

We know that some of these tips seem obvious but this could be very helpful if it is your first time or if you just want to enjoy better your time doing this activity.

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