Get Involved!Recreational, commercial and scientific divers are encouraged to become part of the BleachWatch Observer Network by participating in a training session. The 1.5 hour session include an introduction to SEAFAN, a short lesson on coral biology/bleaching, a description of the BleachWatch Early Warning Program, and an overview of how to properly assess coral condition, record observations, and submit reports. All participants will be provided with a BleachWatch Kit, which includes a program overview, coral bleaching fact sheet, data sheets, data sheet instructions, dive whistle, and coral ID and bleaching example cards to use as a reference below and above the water.

BleachWatch Observers – Don’t forget to report your observations! Remember, reports of ‘no bleaching’ are just as important as ‘bleaching’ reports.

Become a trained member of the SEAFAN BleachWatch team; attend a class to learn about coral bleaching and how to collect and submit valuable coral reef data. All participants will receive a BleachWatch Kit with data sheets, an underwater ID guide, and dive whistle. To register for either class follow the links above, or for more information call (305)795-1204, or email Classes are FREE!    There are many questions about coral bleaching that must be answered in order to fully assess the environmental impact of bleaching events. Where and when is bleaching taking place? What species are more vulnerable? What is the duration and severity of the bleaching event? And finally, what is the recovery and resilience potential of the southeast Florida coral reef ecosystem? The SEAFAN BleachWatch program was designed to help answer some of these questions by providing valuable information about the condition of southeast Florida’s coral reefs.

The BleachWatch Program combines climate and sea surface temperature data with field observations on the condition of coral reefs from a trained Observer Network in order to detect the potential onset of mass bleaching events. The environmental monitoring data will be combined with Observer Network reports to produce a comprehensive overview of current conditions in the region.



Show Location:
Jarvis Hall, 4505 N. Ocean Drive, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL 33308Show Dates:
Wed, Jul 29, 2015,

Show Times:
7 pm – 8:30 pm

To Register:
Call 305-795-1204 or email







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