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This vibrant metropolis is most known for its nightlife scene, but it’s a versatile city with much more to offer.

Airboat Tour in the Everglades
This is a classic Florida activity but it deserves to be mentioned because it’s unlike anything else you have ever experienced. Feel as though you are flying through one of America’s oldest and last natural wetlands. Take a private tour or a group excursion, just make sure the company is licensed and has great feedback. A good captain can make the difference between an average and a great tour; he or she will be acquainted with the best spots to observe wildlife and scenery and will tell you tidbits of knowledge about the park and its inhabitants that will surprise you.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

For those that feel Miami is a party town only; this beautiful place will surprise you. Highly underrated, this gorgeous, serene location is a perfectly preserved mansion dating back to the early 20th century. The sprawling estate showcases over 2,000 works of art and furnishings, 25 acres of endangered forest, a orchid collection with an impressive 2,000 specimens and ten acres of European style gardens that will convince you, if only for a minute, that you are really in Versailles. Learn about the estate’s rich history as you stroll through the awe inspiring gardens and main house. It’s very accessible and visitor friendly, featuring ample parking spaces and completely air conditioned facilities. Definitely a place to see, and photograph.

Miami Culinary Tour
Miami is not exactly known for its gastronomy scene, but after taking this tour you will feel confident that you have sampled the best fare available. Pick a tour depending on the food experience you prefer: from south Florida cuisine to South American inspired dishes. It’s the perfect way to visit some of the best restaurants in the city, the hidden gems that tourists rarely know about. Learn about the architecture, history and culture of the area (they usually take place in the art deco neighborhood) while you delight your taste buds.






Sailboat Excursion in Miami Bay
The best way to see the city. There are several options available, from full day excursions to sunset tours to city lights nocturnal trips. The companies and boats used vary quite a bit too so shop around and look up references to make sure you get the best deal. These tours are a relaxing experience after days of sightseeing, since all you have to do is relax and take in the coastline whilst you are kept cool by the refreshing sea breeze. Most tours offer the option of dining on board or jumping off the boat to swim in the crystalline waters, just make sure to ask. A unique and fun way to see the city with the whole family.

Marlins Stadium
Enjoy watching America’s pastime in the comfort of an indoor, air conditioned stadium. Even those who are not diehard baseball fans will be caught up in the excitement and electric atmosphere of a good game. The architecture and view of the Miami skyline from the stadium alone make it worth the trip. Inside you can find a great selection of ethnic food, though as with most sporting venues, it is not cheap. Good deals on tickets can be often found on line, especially when bought well in advance.

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