Join the Lionfish Removal & Awareness Day during their second annual “LRAD” event! Just like last year, the headquarters will be in Pensacola, but everyone around the state of Florida to get out and collect as many lionfish as they can during this fun-filled weekend.

Anyone willing and able to actively remove lionfish from Florida waters can become a Reef Ranger. Not a diver? Join the Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day festival in Pensacola or drop by any participating event occurring statewide and see what lionfish removal is all about.

The Lionfish Removal and Awareness Day include various activities such as:
• Lionfish tastings
• Fillet demonstrations
• Family activities
• Celebrity Chefs
• Raffles and prizes

Date: First Saturday after Mother’s Day each year (May 14,15 2016).
Price: Free

Have questions, or want to find out how to get more involved? Send a message:


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