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 In Miami Beach there is an alternative plan for those who want to escape from the crowd of the malls and Miami beaches. The Haulover Sandbar is perfect for relax with your friends and spend a good time on weekends. It is located between the ocean inlet and an island known as “Beer Can island” (Sandspur Island).Although Haulover Sandbar attracts many people, you can relax all day in the sun but if it’s too crowded, beer can island is just a few yards away. At the beautiful blue water of the Haulover Sandbar  you can see boats of all sizes, jet skis, kayaks, inflatable air mattresses and other boating attractions. There are all kind of people, from bikini girls and muscle guys to families playing and frisbee catching dogs.


If you are hungry and you don’t want to get out of water there is a hot dog boat! It sells burger, ice cream, conch salad and has a delivery service with a kayak hot dog.So you can hang out on the water, enjoying a cold drink and do not caring about anything, just enjoy of the music and the beautiful view.Sin título

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