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While called Flyboard, the ingenious invention is not technically a board, but a simple device made up of a long hose connected to a pair of jet boots and two hand held stabilizers. To get going, the user simply straps on the jet boots and attaches the other end of the hose to the motor of a powerful Jet Ski.

As the Jet Ski starts up, the robust stream of water it creates is channeled into the long hose, which in turn, propels the human at the other end high up into the sky and allows the subject to perform a variety of maneuvers like flips and spins. The two hand-held stabilizers help keep the flyer in control of the flight at all times.
As the water drains out, the Flyboard and the attached human leap back into the water – headfirst, only to rise again with the next powerful stream of water. While it looks and sounds dangerous, the manufacturer maintains that it is very intuitiveand that once the user gets the hang of it, he/she can fly as high as 30ft. and even, perform backward somersaults. .

The Flyboard was invented in spring 2011 by a watercraft rider, Franky Zapata. He built many prototypes before perfecting the design which allows the device to climb out of the water and be stable in the air. This was achieved by the underfoot propulsion and hand stabilization.The Flyboard was the subject of a lawsuit from competitor Jetlev which was dropped without prejudice in March 2013.The device was presented to the public for the first time at the jet ski World Championship 2012 in China

Right now in Florida this board is use as entertainment, and it is one of the Treaseure cosat Florida greatest attractions. You can join with your family and friends of this experience of flying on the water.



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