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Fishing in Rickenbacker Causeway; The Rickenbacker Causeway connects Miami, Florida to the barrier islands of Virginia Key and Key Biscayne across Biscayne Bay. It is probably the best spot to fish closest to the city.You have to drive over the large bridge and in the end you can see a parking lot to the right. Park your car there and walk along the side of the causeway to find the perfect place where you can cast your reels as far as you can on the bay side.





You will find a variety of species like sharks, bonefish, tarpon, dolphins and many others. Some of the locals recommend to go early in the morning because is when you can see more marine life. At this place the live bait works best and of that way you can have fun and explore the ocean.But the fun is not only early in the morning. At night tarpon, snook, and a few other species begin feeding there within sight of the lights of the city and the cars.

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