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This is one of Florida’s most popular dive destinations for a reason: it brings a lot to the table in terms of variety, abundance of marine life and sheer beauty of the dive locations. The Florida Keys are home to North America’s only living coral reef (which is also the third largest reef in the world) along with an abundance of shipwrecks that promise many interesting dives and stunning visuals.Underwater photographers and biologists will be delighted here, with the opportunity to document the dozens of coral species and over 500 fish species that call the Keys home. Since the majority of the reef system was incorporated into the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary in 1990, 




these waters have enjoyed a robust protection from exploitation, contamination and other environmental dangers that threaten reef system. The spectacular variety of marine life is a testament to this. For those that prefer wreck diving, the Thunderbolt, Adolphus Busch and the Spiegel Grove are just some of the most popular sunken ships found here that can be explored by divers.Best of all, the Keys have stable aquatic conditions that make year round diving possible. For divers that want to get PADI certified, learn how to dive, enjoy snorkelling in the reefs, or simply have a fantastic underwater experience the Florida Keys are a perfect destination.

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