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6 Yachts designs out of this world; The world of yachting is pretty much about luxury. We always see beautiful yachts sailing on the ocean with more and more facilities and components that makes each one unique according to the preferences of their owners, transforming them into Mega yachts.

But some people are looking to expand that concept, not by making the most expensive or luxurious yacht but making the most revolutionary one. The Russian entrepreneur Vasily Klyukin is known for be the founder of one of the most successful banks in Russia and a potential architect thanks to his designs of revolutionary buildings. Now he is expanding his designs to a new yacht level, by designing six yachts concepts out of this world.


1 of 6 Mega Yachts



2 of 6 Mega Yachts



3 of 6 Mega Yachts



4 of 6 Mega Yachts



5 of 6 Mega Yachts



6 of 6 Mega Yachts

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