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Under the water you can find beautiful corals, colorful fish and a wide variety of other species. The dream of many people is to appreciate all this marine beauty from close and there are different options in order to get it. You can snorkel, dive or practice freediving depending of what you want to see and how much training it requires.This article will help you to understand the main differences of these three options and with all this information you can choose which one adapts better to you. Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Freediving are an open options for you.Snorkeling

It consists to swim on the surface with a mask and a snorkel (you can use fins if you prefer) that allows you to breath through your mouth when floating underwater so you don’t need to hold your breath to swim. If you want to swim down you need to take a deep breath but you will have to surface to take your next breath.

Snorkeling doesn’t requires training, it is only requires to swim or float along the surface, it is really simple that even small kids can do it.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is much more “complicated” than snorkeling. You have to use a compressed air tank strapped to the back with regulators that allow you to stay under water longer as you don’t need hold breath.


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People who are interested on scuba diving must take some kind of training with the purpose of learn how to use the breathing equipment and safety procedures. There are some 1-day scuba experience class or multi-day scuba diving certification course, some dive rentals require proof of diver certification.Freediving

This technique requires that you hold your breath while swimming underwater. It does require lees equipment to wear so you can have more mobility and sped. “Experienced freedivers can often go as deep as scuba divers and sometimes deeper” but this requires some kind of individual practice.


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