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Lake Boca is located in Boca Raton just inside Boca Intel. It’s just north of the Camino Real Bridge and Boca Inlet Bridge and south of the Palmetto Park Road Bridge. So if you arrive at high tide and anchor in the center you can stay approximately 12 hours.

Lake Boca is very shallow in the center – less than 2 feet in some areas at high tide. The northern edge of the lake from the shore out approximately 200 feet is deeper 5 – 8 feet and is the only safe place for boats with a deeper draft. That’s why we recommend you to anchor on the north end of Lake Boca. Here your boat will be safe and the away from the crowds that may annoy other boats.




The crowds are common all year long but it may be events like the “Boca Bash” that take place once a year and has been growing in size where you can find more people and boats than the usual. Unfortunately these people can leave beer cans and bottles, so foot protection is advised.LakeBocaRaton

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