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If snorkeling is fun enough for you due to the beautiful fishes and reefs that you can see underwater, you will love an adventure in Crystal River because of the species that you will find here and you can’t find at the sea: Manatees!“Crystal River is a very short river in Citrus County, Florida flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. It is just seven miles long, and has a drainage basin of five square miles, joining Kings Bay to the Gulf of Mexico. The river’s significance is in the thirty natural springs that add an average of 300 million gallons of warm water to the river every day. These springs include Three Sisters Springs.”

The warm water in the river is the reason why large numbers of manatees can be found in this place; in fact this is the home of the largest population of these animals in Florida and the most important refuge for them in the United States.



One of the best places to swim with manatees in Crystal River is Three Sisters Springs. This is a natural inlet on the east side of Kings Bay. It is only accessible by kayaks, canoes and swimmers and in specific dates can be accessible by land.The experience to swim with manatees is absolutely unforgettable! It will be fun and exciting because the Manatees are very gentle and magnificent creatures. Due their nature they will be curious and is common if they swim near you, so be patient and please don’t chase them. If they come close to you, it is fine to hold out your hand and gently touch them.


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