Vero Beach is a gentle, sophisticated and unpretentious town. In recent years, this area has become home to America’s cultural and corporate elite. It’s a place where high level business deals are made on a handshake during a round of golf… new friends are easily met at the many and diverse area activities… and spirits are renewed through abundant recreational opportunities available in this lovely tropical climate.Vero Beach is also an elegant city located in the border of Florida’s Atlantic Coast. It is known for their golf, water sports and fishing. It has some of the most peaceful beaches in the area, it is also filled with museums, nature tours, shopping malls, parks with rivers, inlets and it’s got a vast variety in cuisine for all budgets and a wide range of Hotels. That’s why it’s known as a vacation destination and is part of an important region known as the Treasure Coast.



As a Part of Florida’s Treasure Coast, the beaches combine excellent sand quality with significant surf and tidal action.Vero’s main public beach is known as South Beach, accessible at the eastern end of Causeway Boulevard, State Road 656. Other public beaches include Humiston Park, in Vero’s Central Beach Business District, and Jaycee Park and the adjacent boardwalk extending southward approximately 2/3 of a mile along Ocean Drive. Vero Beach also has numerous other public access trails and walkways permitting beach access.
Vero Beach
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