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Western Australian-based renewable energy company Bombora Wave Power is developing a wave energy conversion device to harness the power of the ocean and generate electricity from the action of waves.

Bombora Wave Power aims to establish its wave energy conversion device (WECD) as the convergent technology in the sector by meeting industry cost targets for wave energy converters.

Glen Ryan, founder and Director of Bombora Wave Power, first conceived the idea of the WECD more than six years ago, before enlisting his brother Shawn Ryan, a mechanical engineer and co-Director, to assist in development of the technology.

“Wave energy is like the last energy frontier,” Glen says. “There are a number of developers currently in pursuit of the same significant global market opportunity, but none have currently met industry expectations on cost and performance.




The challenge to the clean energy industry is to develop an economical device that can efficiently capture the resource while being resilient enough to sustain the infrequent but damaging loads imposed by storm events.
Bombora’s device is rated at 1.5 megawatts equivalent. The device is 80 m wide, located on the seabed and fully submerged in the near-shore environment, and designed with the rolling motion of the waves in mind.

Glen says that the WECD couples effectively with the ocean waves’ heave and surge motions through its flexible membrane, ‘V’ shape, inclined ramp-like feature and streamlined design. The low-inertia, flexible membrane is separated into individual diaphragm cells housed in the two long banks of the V, with the apex facing the ocean. This allows the device to harvest energy across the wave front and along the wave length as a wave rolls over the device.

We will see if they manage to develop the technology into a commercial phase!

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