Marine gadgets

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August 8, 2018
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Miami Luxury Yacht Charter Itinerary
August 8, 2018

Marine gadgets

Marine Gadgets - Xperience Florida Marine

Remember the depth or fish finders of old? Nice and rudimentary so you could be sailing over a wreck, a school of tarpon or a large rock? It used to be that unless you had a whole lot of money and a very nice yacht, your boat would probably be pretty basic with not many bells and whistles.
Technology has come a long way since then, and some terrific items and accessories are now easily affordable, allowing everyone to make the most of their time out on the water. Whether you’re a fisherman looking for that record catch, or a boat owner looking to spruce up your baby, Kirk Marine has got what you need.

Raymarine CHIRP
Raymarine produces everything from fish finders to instrument displays, marine cameras and autopilots. The company’s most exciting new gadgets are its fish finders with CHIRP Sonar – a revolutionary way of seeing what’s below in startling detail. From that big fish to scuba divers exploring the depths, you’ll never mistake one for the other again.

Kirk Marine is the local dealer for this famous name in jet skis. In fact, it is the largest in-stock supplier of jet skis in the Cayman Islands. You’ll find everything from recreation and sport to luxury models, and rest assured that your purchase has full warranty coverage, honoured by Kirk Marine.
Go along and peruse the latest models. James Bond rides one; what other incentive do you need?

LED lights
Whether you like to admit it or not, there’s something kind of awesome and Knight Rider-ish about seeing a car glowing down the street. Well now you can enjoy that same kind of look when you get LED lights installed on your boat.

Why would you do such a thing? “It’s just cool!” says Kirk Marine Retail Manager, Greg Norling. “It’s a very simple installation,” he continues, “with just a small hole that two wires can pass through. We recommend using professionals like ourselves to install them, and you only need about two lights on, say, a 40ft boat for it to really look effective.”

As if that wasn’t enough, you can sync it with your sound system so the lights will change to the beat. Now THAT’S awesome!