Best Anchorage Sites in the Miami Area

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August 10, 2018
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August 10, 2018

Best Anchorage Sites in the Miami Area

Best Anchorage Sites in the Miami Area; For the most of the people who love navigation one of their biggest concerns is where they can land their boats depending of the regulation of the places, the time that you are thinking to stay and what amenities you would like to find around these places.Below you will find some of best places for us and a little description with which you can look for the best anchorage that fits your needs.

Dinner Key Anchorage
It’s is located in Coconut Grove and is considering one of the best places to stop before going to the Bahamas and Caribbean. This place offer plenty of amenities and services like mechanicals,  internet, restaurant, laundry, post office, groceries, stores, parks and a lot more.

Miami Dinner Key anchorage is situated on the western side of Biscayne Bay, which has a sandy mud bottom with some grassy spots, which is perfect holding ground for most any anchor. There are two places where boats can anchor. One is the official anchorage, on the south west side of Dinner Key Marina, with over 100 permanent boats. The other is a temporary anchorage in the turning basin on the northern side of the marina, near the Chart House and Monty’s Marina.

Marine Stadium Anchorage
Located just in the entry channel cuts east of the AICW, immediately north of the Rickenbacker Causeway Bridge. It has a depth of 7+ feet and sufficient room for vessels as large as 55 feet. The view at night of the buildings is amazing and during the day there is always something to do.

No Name Harbor
This anchorage is located on the southern tip of Key Biscayne, near Cape Florida. The minimum depth is 10 feet and the overnight anchorage fee is $20. There are showers, bathrooms, a cafeteria and a boating supply store nearby. It could be a little bit crowded on weekend but is a great place to stay during the day.

Miamarina at Bayside
It’s designed to accommodate yachtsmen and their vessels to 150′ in our deep water slips. Miamarina is situated within the Bayside Marketplace, an internationally flavored assortment of over 100 stores, shops, restaurants, cafes and next to the American Airlines Arena, home of the NBA’s Miami Heat.

Dockage is available on a transient, long-term or commercial basis and some services are included in their rates.