Lynn’s Reef, FL

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August 9, 2018
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August 9, 2018

Lynn’s Reef, FL

On Florida’s eastern coast, Lynn’s Reef, FL is home to much of the marine life found on the popular Boynton Reef system. In fact, divers report more marine life and more topographical variety here than on any other part of the Boynton Reef. It is home to abundant sea life like schools of grunts, yellow tails, turtles, sharks, and moray eels.

Lynn’s Reef, FL was named after Capitan Lynn Simmons. This shallow reef is about 40 feet (12 meters) deep.The area offers natural reefs, wreck dives, artificial reefs, and is popular for night diving and drift diving.

Snorklers will enjoy it as well as beginner and advanced divers! However, When the current is strong, divers should stay close to the western edge of the reef to avoid being taken to the much deeper eastern side.

Some Facts about this place are:

Depths to: 40 feet (12 m).
Visibility: 40-60 feet (12-18 m).
Water temperature: 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit (22-26 degrees Celsius).
Fees: None.
On-site amenities: dining and lodging opportunities.

This is the most diverse part of the Boynton Reef System. You can’t go wrong no matter where you go!