Kiteboarding: The ultimate fusion

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August 9, 2018
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August 9, 2018

Kiteboarding: The ultimate fusion

Kiteboarding: The ultimate fusion is a surface water sport that combines wakeboarding, windsurfing and waterskiing but with a lot more freedom, that can get to make it an extreme sport. You have to stand on a specially designed board (kiteboard) that is similar to a wakeboard but IS NOT THE SAME. You use the power of a controllable kite to propel you across the water using also the power of the wind.This sport only uses your body like the connection between the board and the kite and you have to controlling both at the same time. That’s why kiteboarding can be a little bit challenge but don’t worry; you wear a harness so the pressure is taken off your arms allowing that even small people can kiteboard. There are competitions of kiteboarding where the experienced kites can reach 20 to 40 feet while they perform amazing jumps.You need to take lessons even if you are an experienced wakeboarder, you need to learn how to fly and control the kite. Remember that kiteboarding is just 20% board skills and 80% kite skills. If you not learn first how to control the kite surely you won’t be able to enjoy of a good kiteboarding and it could be dangerous for you and for the people around.

You can spin, flip or just fly. But many kites enjoy just gliding through the water and working on the sport’s more technical trick. Some of the kiteboarding styles are:


Kitesurfing combines kiteboarding with surfing and it is about wave riding. Kitesurfers use standard surfboards or boards shaped specifically for kitesurfing.

FreestyleThis style of kiteboarding makes emphasis on big air maneuvers, this way various tricks can be done while you are airborne. This style is also used for competitive events and is free-format and “go anywhere”.

Wakestyle (Obstacles)

Riding obstacles and sliders gives kiteboarding a brand new dimension. It’s getting more and more recognition in the scene but wakestyle is not only for sliders, it can also be taken into the open water wearing boots.


Freeride is anything that you want it to be and the most popular style. Most boards sold today are designed for freeride. It’s about having fun and learning new techniques.